Press Release

2023 New Years Greetings

Release time: 2023-01-20

Dear all: Happy New Year!

The tiger year is revitalized, the rabbit year welcomes the prosperous world and starts a new journey! It's time to welcome the new year again, on behalf of all the staff of our company, I would like to wish you a happy New Year! I wish you family reunion, happiness and health, and all the best!


Planning the future strategy and drawing a blueprint for development. In 2022, the steady development of medical education business and the continuous accumulation of user resources have laid a solid foundation for opening up new development space. In line with the trend, Zhongchao announced a strategic extension to focus on oncology and other major disease management, and successively completed a series of market-oriented strategic plannings such as establishing Chongqing Xinjiang and Zhixun Internet Hospital to create a closed loop of whole-course patient services and meet patients' multi-level healthcare needs.


Focusing on medical value to achieve patient benefits.In 2022, Zhongchao is committed to developing a "patient-centered" value chain business innovation, taking the disease journey as the route to build a full chain of patient services, developing patient service products, helping patients with oncology and other major diseases to find the best healthcare solutions, providing cost-effective drugs, improving treatment outcomes, reducing medical costs, and achieving the goals of long-term survival and quality of life.

There is no limit to the vastness of the journey, sailing with faith in the wind. Looking ahead to 2023, we are willing to continue to devote ourselves to the cause of health and health care with the spirit of continuous exploration and resilience, taking "Health for the people" as our mission, and helping to achieve the strategic goal of "Health China 2030". We are ready to meet the needs of patients with oncology and other major diseases and the emerging health market by targeting the two key points of service innovation and efficiency improvement with vigorous and courageous efforts. market needs.

Dear all, let's cheer together in the new year!